HBC Landscaping Ltd. has built our name by providing top quality fence and Deck installations across the GTA for over 5 years. Our team of dedicated contractors has the skills and knowledge to build your next premium fence or deck that can be enjoyed for years to come. We are so confident that all of our work carries a 5 Year limited warranty on all pressure treated constructs, so you can have peace of mind when choosing HBC Landscaping for your next project. 


What is it?
A pre-stained pressure retreated wood that fades to a more natural wood colour over time.
Brown Treated Lumber is now the most popular and requested material for installation!
Finished look - no need to stain upon installation.
Economical when compared to cedar and requires less maintenance
Check out our Featured Fence and ask us about the benefits.

Is it safe?
The chemical treatment is as safe as current green pressure treating methods.  It is simply a different
 colour.  The treatment for modern pressure treated wood is safe and does not include the previously used arsenic from decades past.

Does it last?
Pressure treated wood provides
 long-term protection against fungal decay and termite infestation. The life of a pressure treated wood fence can be greater than 20 years!

Does it fade?
The treatment process is why freshly installed Pressure Treated Wood tends to have a greenish or dark brown tinge to it when first installed, depending on the variety used.
Even in the first few weeks of sun exposure, the
 colour will transform to a more natural colour.

Should I stain it?
 pressure treated wood is weather resistant and durable, we recommend you stain it with an oil based stain once after waiting the required 90 days and then every 3-4 years after that. This will prevent the fence from turning dull and grey in colour over the years.
Don't sand the fence! if you want to clear debris before staining simply 
hose it off the day before.  Never use a pressure washer - it will damage the wood.

HBC Landscaping ltd is a fully licensed, fully Insured Contracting company. As well all of your work is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. For your peace of mind