Pool Demolition Fill In Process

Our reps will meet with you to assess
 your project, take measurements and determine the best point of access for our equipment to enter the yard. We will determine your desired finish and generate a proposal accordingly.

Contract Signing / Locates
Once the contracts are completed we will submit utility locates prior to demolition. Any by-laws and permits necessary will be obtained and followed accordingly.

Demolition Process.
All gas lines leading from the gas meter to the pool heater will be disconnected by a G licensed professional gas fitter. The pool water will then be pumped into the city sewer, and the existing vinyl liner will be cut out and removed.The pool floor will then
 be jackhammered and the concrete broken up. This will allow for proper drainage once the fill in is complete. Next the concrete around the outer perimeter of the swimming pool will be jack hammered and filled into the pool. After the steps and the galvanized steel walls will then be removed and disposed of accordingly. The water circulation and heating lines will then be excavated from the perimeter of the pool and disposed of.

Fill in & Final Grade / Sod
Once the demolition is complete the pool is ready to be filled. Loads of clean fill will be delivered and moved into the backyard using skid steers depending on the access to the yard. We will then use our equipment compact the substrate and establish a proper grade away from your home to allow for proper water drainage. We then install 2”-3” inch of premium Triple mix and 
lay high quality sod.

Assessment & Final Clean Up
Our team will work with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the process. We will make any changes necessary to ensure you are completely satisfied with the 
end result . All work sites will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by the company owners. In any case that damage is caused during the demolition process will be put back to its original state. You will be provided with a 5 Year Limited warranty to protect you from any sinking or settling that may occur.